News Release FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE           CONTACT INFORMATION March 7, 2017 Marco Chiarabelli General Manager Soilmec North America m.chiarabelli@soilmec.it 401.965.2575 SOILMEC RETURNS TO CONEXPO 2017 HOUSTON, TX. (March 7, 2017). —  For over twenty-five years, Soilmec has been a leader in providing quality equipment, service and solutions to the underground construction industry.…Read More

  2. The Benefits of Displacement Piles

    By Antonio Marinucci and Marco Chiarabelli Drilled displacement piles (DDP) refers to a specialized technology in which a bored pile is constructed using a process in which a specially designed tool is advanced into the ground using both rotation and downward thrust (“crowd force”) to displace the in situ soil radially outward into the surrounding formation, and concrete is injected and steel …Read More

  3. Types of Displacement Piles & Tools

    By Antonio Marinucci and Marco Chiarabelli Displacement piles (DP) are performed without soil removal, thanks to drilling tools that displace the soil laterally toward the bore walls. On completion of boring operation, the drilling string and the tool are extracted while concrete is poured throughout the internal hollow pipe. The steel reinforcement cage is finally lowered into the fresh concrete.…Read More

  4. The History of Displacement Piles

    By Antonio Marinucci and Marco Chiarabelli There have been several new advancements in the last three generations of drilled displacement piles (DDP). Dan Brown is a civil engineer at Dan Brown & Associates stated the torque and crowd required to construct a drilled displacement pile is substantial…the energy required to install the pile is related to the resistance of the soil to the displa…Read More