WEIGHT                     70327 LB*
POWER                      225 HP
TORQUE                    79655 LB·FT*
EXTRACTION            85426  LBF*
MAX DIAM.                59 IN*
MAX DEPTH              197 FT*
DMS                            STANDARD


The new SR-30 EVO is the evolution of our most popular Soilmec rigs in today’s North American drilling landscape. Since its introduction 20 years ago as the first highly capable rig that could be transported in a single load, the SR-30 has established a reputation as an agile, compact and easily-transportable workhorse. The rig has increased rotary torque and has a new wider operator cab, faster pull-up and crowd functions, incorporated in a package almost 2 tons lighter in weight. Transported complete with Kelly bar allows for quick rig up/down making it perfect for those who need to work in small and medium job sites. The latest model of the SR-30 continues this legacy, with a new Tier 4f engine, DMS, offering unprecedented power and versatility in a compact self-assembling rig.


– LDP cased bore piles with casing driven directly by rotary head; deep uncased bored piles stabilized by drilling fluid or dry hole

– LHR (Low Head Room) – large diameter bored piles;

– CFA (Continuous Flight Auger) piles by means of long auger string

– TJ (Turbojet®) – soil consolidation

– GK-5 (Diaphragm Wall) – with hydraulic guided grab